Intermitant loss of WIFI and Blue Tooth

Hi all,
I own a Latte Panda 2G/ 32 GB with Licenced Windows 10.
I purchased it brand new back i 2018.
I remember when i was setting it up back when i first received it that i had issues with the WIFI staying connected.
I was too excited about getting it up and running to really care as i just connected it via an Ethernet cable to go back online
I also tried HOT SPOTTING it via BLUE TOOTH to my PHONE.
So as mentioned i did the entire setup over the internet with the ETHERNET Cable.
I decided to pull the LP out this week and fire it up, i had internet connection via wifi without even noticing.
Then all of a sudden, nothing, i lost WIFI and BLUE TOOTH again, tried everything, gone.
Went through the settings device manager, etc etc etc ,
Ran diagnostics came up with error 10 which referred to the WIFI/BLUE TOOTH Driver failures and some other strange text.
I went onto the LATTE PANDA site and found a heap of the same issues on the FORUM.
LATTE PANDA stated that there was an issue with some units having faulty shared
They were replacing the LP’s under WARRANTY.
Unfortunately, i have missed that window as i purchased the Panda from CORE back in 2018.
The Panda goes on the internet spot on no worries via an Ethernet cable.
What i want to know, if anyone can suggest a WIFI or BLUE TOOTH, Preferably a WIFI unit that i can use with the PANDA connected to the Arduino part of the LATTE or plugged into one of the USB ports and then i can connect via WIFI to my home WIFI and have the freedom so i am not tethered to a cable.
Sorry about the long post, i wanted to give a complete picture of the issue and what i have tried etc.
That way it makes things easier and quicker for us all.
Looking forward to component suggestions.

Hey Dave,

Sorry to hear about the issues that you’re having with your Latte Panda, I don’t know of any simple way to get around this particular issue unfortunately. However, you may be able to reinstall the drivers as outlined in the LP forum that I’ve linked below. Please let us know how you go and if you’re able to resolve the issue in this way.

Core Electronics | Support

Hi Bryce,
thank you for your suggestion, however this did not work as that was a roll back for an earlier model LP than mine.
As mentioned LP were asking for the units back to be replaced under warranty due to the faulty shared WIFI / BLUETOOTH CHIP.
Knowing mine was 2 years old and out of warranty i just wanted a quick ,easy and cheap solution, hence for i asked for suggestions on WIFI or BLUETOOTH USB dongles etc.
So i ordered off CORE a USB WIFI dongle PART No. FIT 0368 carried out the 5 minute installation procedure and it works like a charm.
Problem solved.
““N.B”” Some of the instruction details do not make any reference to the dongle working with WINDOWS 10 , i can assure you the module works fine,
For interest sake, i also used this exact same dongle last night to do my
sudo apt-get update and
sudo apt-get upgrade procedures for one of my Raspberry Pi ZERO’s non W version.
Once again worked extremely well.


Thanks Dave,

Glad to hear it’s working successfully! For future reference of anyone who’s reading this forum, here’s a link to the suitable part.

Core Electronics | Support

Hi Bryce,
No worries, your part number for this product is FIT 0368.

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Thanks Dave