USB3 HDD not working on LattePanda

I’ve connected a Toshiba 2T USB3 hard drive to my LattePanda’s USB3 port, but I can’t see it in Windows. If I connect it to a USB2 port I can see it fine, and if I connect a USB2 memory stick to the USB3 port I can see that. Any suggestions?

Hi Michael,
Sounds a bit strange, if another device is functioning on the USB3 port then it’s not likely to be a hardware failure. Do you have another USB3 device you can try?

My Latte Panda project has been on the back burner for a while, but I’m having another go now. Unfortunately, even with other USB3 storage devices (memory stick, flash card reader) the USB3 port does not appear to work. They don’t even light up. It’s almost like there’s no power, but there must be, as USB2 devices work just fine.

Any suggestions?

Hi Michael,
That does sound a little strange, shoot us an email with a link to this topic and we’ll help you get this sorted out