Is it possible to connect uno to xbee board via a USB B to micro usb cable?

Hi all,

Is it possible for me to connect uno to xbee board via a USB B to micro usb cable?

See picture and link. - I have tried to use a USB printer cable and a OTG male A to micro but does not.

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Hi SO,

No it’s not possible. USB requires a Host device and a Slave device to work. Those are both Slave devices.

What you can use is a serial communication protocol. I think the Xbee module will have a UART interface - if so, that would be my recommendation.

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Unfortunately not by that USB as the Arduino is a slave device. You may be able to get away with using a host shield with the Arduino to be able to interact with the XBee via the USB adaptor, although personally, I suggest going with one of the breakouts that you can fit the XBee onto which should fit on top of your current hat quite easily, there’s loads of tutorials for how to use the two in tandem online such as this one from Sparkfun. All the best with your project!

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Hi, if you note in my original listing photo - I have an uno and a bosch IMU and I have 2 sets of these. At the moment, I am using two USB printer cables (port a and b on each end) to interface these 2 sets of IMU-uno to a PC running a scripts to serially collect and manipulate these data.

The current aim is to replace these cables and let these 2 data stream going wireless.


- I have one of this xbee shield
which I know that it does not fit on the bosch IMU shield. Note that reduced set of pin of top shield and the circled in red pins.

Two specific questions:

(1) Does allow me to stack a further (3rd shield) on my current uno and bosch 9imu setup?

(2) wireless setup - The aim is to insert 4 xbee3 (running 2 AT or transparent modes) to replace these USB cables - Does this seem sensitive? I am just after a plug and play solution without getting my hands dirty with serial protocol scripting.


Hi SO,

On your last 2 questions:

  1. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, the SparkFun shield only permits changing between pins 0 and 1, or 2 and 3, so you’d only be able to use 2 XBees. The hookup guide talks about using other pins, but I couldn’t find any info on how to actually change that, as I think it’s baked into the PCB
  2. What’s your final use case for the 4 XBees? What will each of them be doing?

Keen to see the finished product!