Issue with SIM7600G-H 4G HAT

I’m having an issue with the SIM7600G-H 4G HAT. I have a raspberry pi 3 model B +

When I’m using Buster, I am able to get ttyUSBs inside /dev by using modprobe ftdi_sio as instructed here,

$ sudo modprobe ftdi_sio
$ sudo sh -c "echo XXXX YYYY > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/ftdi_sio/new/id"

But dmesg shows many red errors (please see attached, ‘Buster1’).

Attachment ‘Buster2’ are the errors I get on dmesg, when I try to use minicom on ttyUSB2 after getting it up via modprobe ftdi_sio.

With Bullseye, I am not even able to get ttyUSBs with ftdi_sio (please see dmesg result in attached, ‘Bullseye’).

Please advise how I can get ttyUSBs up without using ftdi_sio, preferably with Bullseye operating system.

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This is the message I get using Bullseye

These are the messages I get using Buster

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Hi Hammad,

Welcome to the forum!!

Instructions for the HAT are quite a bit different to the USB dongle, the relevant instructions can be found here:

Let us know how you go with those!

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Many thanks Liam.

And thank you for the prompt response.

I actually have this HAT, which also connects via micro-USB to my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B +, but I think is called a HAT because it can get bolted on top of a raspberry pi zero.

I did manage to find instructions here, but there is an assumption that ttyUSB is up in the /dev folder. I don’t see ttyUSB populating inside my /dev folder unless I attempt the ftdi_sio, which from what I’ve read is not the right way of doing this (hence so many errors from dmesg).

I’m trying to find the right way/instructions to get ttyUSB up after I’ve connected the module to the USB port of the pi.

I googled the error message and found these:

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