SIM7600G-H M.2 4G HAT v2 & RPi 4 Model B 8GB

I have recently purchased two of the devices as listed in the subject.
4G Hat
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB

I am unable to get either to work successfully with the 4G hat.
I have followed the tutorial here and at waveshare with no luck.
I should clarify that I am trying to get the data connection to work (internet). I plan to use these as remote access units via 4g.
The dip switches on the back have all been set to A=ON. As with the dip switches on the top.
The hat is connected to the RPi via the headers and USB as per parts on following page
Is someone able to provide some guidance? I am more than happy to start from a fresh install (raspian).

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Hi @Ben183789 - welcome back to the forums :slight_smile:
It’s a bummer to hear you’ve run into trouble but we’ll help if we can.

Is there any deeper information you can give us to help with troubleshooting? eg console logs that show the error? a readout of RSSI?

There’s some basic sanity checking in this StackExchange topic.

A photo of the setup will also be helpful - we often gleaned some useful context

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Please check if your power supply is right. Most of the time these GSM modules fail to perform correctly due to less power. Check the voltage and current of your power supply.

If you ever consider using a cheaper alternative, you can consider SIM900A


Thanks for the replies and sorry for delayed response
I will be back in the office today and will get more information and will also try a different power supply and lead.

Hi Guys,

Taking over from Ben. Please see attached images of the current setup and configuration.

I don’t believe it to be a power supply issue. I have powered the module separately to the PI with a reasonable usb power supply and still find the same issue.

I have the device configured with RNDIS. It appears to find the network, as I can query network information with AT commands (COPS and CPSI). Additionally the net indicator light flashes fast. However AT+CSQ returns 16,99 or similar, indicating reasonable quality connection but some form of connection problem. I am also then unable to ping anything.

I have also tried connecting using a windows PC to remove the raspberry pi from the equation however this achieves similar results.

Any further guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Saxon210755 - welcome to the forums.
I know that your use-case is for a 4G setup, but do any other functions work? eg. send/receive SMS or dial out?

Curious that waveshare show the SMA connector you are using as not-populated in most product photos. Here they always use the two on the short edge

but you’re getting adequate signal… so it probably doesn’t matter :man_shrugging:
Worth sanity checking?