Keypad and solenoid (battery powered ) for safe

I am looking for some help to replace a battery powered keypad and solenoid for a safe . The keypad has failed and I cannot find another this same as the company no longer exist. Ideally if I could find a similar set up with the same solenoid type , the keypad can vary in shape and size. I will attach a photo of the unit,

Unfortunately I can’t seem to upload an image , I have sent a photo to Aidan who maybe able to put it up on the forum for me.

Hey Nathan,
Thanks for posting! Here are those pictures:

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G’day there at Core electronics, just wondering if you had any ideas yet on a replacement for this unit in the photos,

I don’t recall seeing anything exactly the same as that. However, my inner-maker is drawn to the idea of making a custom mounting bracket and using a generic solenoid instead.

The mount looks simple enough to hack/modify. Perhaps measure the driving voltages and experiment with a generic solenoid.

Let us know how you get on with this project!