Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the BBC micro:bit (CE04828)

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Get more from the BBC micro:bit with Kitronik’s incredible Inventor’s kit! The simple way to learn about creating circuits and code.

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This is a nice little kit with a good range of components and experiments. I have only had a preliminary look through the very clear colourful instruction book, and my only minor criticism is that it seems to leap into advanced concepts fairly quickly. For instance, somewhat complicated circuit diagrams appear quite early on. This isn’t necessarily a problem, but I was considering whether this would be suitable for my volunteer work at upper primary school, and I think perhaps it is more high school level. The manual is quite polished with a nice colour diagram on the back cover showing the micro:bit pinout, which is rather handy. Note: As it clearly says, this kit does NOT include a micro:bit. As far as I can tell at this stage, that’s the only additional item you need to supply.

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Hi Ivan,

That’s a valid concern. We’ve found that educators have been able to make the circuits work in primary settings, and after getting some hands on time with the early projects, the circuit diagrams are more than enough to build the circuit and follow what is going on.
You’re correct in that you’ll need to grab the micro:bit separately.

The “Edge Connector Breakout Board“ in my kit doesn’t have the screw holes to screw it to the supplied plate. Can I safely drill them in the indentations myself? Thanks.

Hey Cody,

It’d be best to use a drill press if that’s the case to ensure clean, vertically aligned holes. But it seems odd that the connector breakout board doesn’t have any screw holes, can you please put up a photo so we can take a look at it.


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What I discovered was that it LOOKS like the hole is blocked up with PCB, but they fill it with a kind of hard gel that the screw can go through easily. So all solved thanks!

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