Laboratory DC Power Supply (2x Outputs @ 0-30V 3A) (CE04453)

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Power supply with two main outputs are independently adjustable from 0 to 30 V for constant voltage mode, and 0 to 3 A for constant current mode.

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Hi where is this manufactured? Thanks

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Hi Belal,


A quick search shows that the company who’s name is on the product in the photos is GW Instek.
They seem to have a HQ in Taiwan (presumably where it was designed), though it wouldn’t be uncommon if it was manufactured in China

The datasheet doesn’t say, but according to some sites it is China.
GW INSTEK GPS-2303 Two Output Linear D.C. Power Supply (8V, 30A, 240W) | EMIN.COM.MM
With the backing and branding of a Taiwanese company I doubt that the actual manufacturing site is particularly significant.

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Having a look at the About section on GWINSTEC’s website, They have their headquarters for R&D and a factory in Suzhou for mature products.

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