My power supply

this is powered off two 20 Ah 12 volt AGM deep cycle battery’s in form 26.8V volts at full charged battery power…it is a D.C adjustable regulator…multi tapped…so basically is all step down…or “buck” type system …
it has an 6Amp 35 v linear supply feeding into an mmpt 60 Amp smart regulator so it is well maintained on the input regulation.

the input terminals are at the center of the supply and can be powered by any supply that you may want to use 30 volt max if the need be
so you can use it independently of the battery via another input power supply if you wish …but is mostly used as a bench unit screwed to my test and design bench…not shown… other wise it is connected to the battery`s. 30 volts D.C.
it has 2 ammeters one is the 10A hooked directly to the input terminals and the other is a 5 A on the
5 volt rail which is self explanatory

i use to power my sbc`s basically .or anything else i like the 12 volt rail is pretty much constant to power routers or 12 volt devices like amplifiers and or devices it is directly connected to the 10A ammeter…

it also has a single 20 volt D.C voltmeter and 4 push button switches to test the outputs of the as you can see at a glance what the input/output voltages are set too before switching any of them on.

they are directly coupled to the input supply and is constantly fed via the input terminals.
it also has an input power switch not seen because it is parallel to the 19 volt regulator
so you cannot see fitted with an 15 amp panel mount 2AG fuse holder to be a latter…date…

i set them firstly using a dmm connected to the outputs first…
!: 12 volts output
2: 5 volts output
3: 19 volts output
4 : input volts which has a voltage divider resistor so full scale is 40 volts only on the input switch rail.

it has 3 output rails set at 5.2v 12.8 volt and the 19 volt for the monitors or laptop or any device that uses 19 volts…still all are adjustable but i set them to the above voltages …basically…

i built it over time as i had the need for not fancy but it works …i don’t have access to a machine shop


Hey Brian,

Looks awesome! Did you have any projects in mind that you might hook this up to?


well time permitting i would like to fit it up in a 2U rack mount case with replacing the on board trim-pots with either linear pots as they have 2 one voltage and one current-limiter… there both 10 k but the current i swapped out for a 50k and gives better control and boosts the output current top end higher…word.??

so it would have 3x 10 amp meters and and 1 extra for the line input each having its own adjusts meters and fusing and output binding posts,the rack it cost around 80 and the meters would be around 50 dollars and the machining would be a problem cost Vs out lay and build …efficiency cost or buy 3 power supply’s…id rather the rack just fit it out with 20 volt ac torrid…you could also expand on the concept making it dual tracking…not hard to do but once again cost is an issue…and 4x20 amp hour battery’s around 250 dollar mark …really the supply is up to only ones imagination and what they would like it to be in it`s entirety…

projects well my aurdino could be fitted on it perhaps as my 5000hz freq counter…it cold be mounted inside and the display on the front of the case and the bmc panel mount and associated switches etc.really om also my audition gear…i want a nanosecond case wit the dac 25x25 and fir the ssd to the top of it…i will fit my 8 gig with the nocture into it and just run the fan via an lm317t good for 1.5 amp reg .etc as i have also the aurduino bre

ad board hat to put om order…big outlay all round…aim to get win ten going on it and get it stable at 2.2 gig . you can run every project of a multi tapped power supply…although it is missing the low volt cut out to protect the battery,need to look into that any help with a cct would be handy,etc…etc…

really waiting on money next Thursday week when i will be hopefully have the money to outlay for the 8 gig rpi-4 then load up win 10 pro on it as a have an admin digital key oem…