Laird RG191 Firewall issue


I have setup my Laird RG191 using the TTN packet Forwarder

When I use wifi tether to my phone (no firewall) all is working fine :wink:

But through corporate wifi (firewall) …no joy

I’ve been searching for what firewall settings to use (ports to open) to allow the Gateway to talk to the TTN servers but no luck as yet.

Can someone please direct me to a URL or advise firewall settings

so I can forward to the ICT department

Thanks in adv.


I don’t know - though I do have a contact at Laird to run questions like this by. I’ve shot them an email and when I get a reply I will update you here in the forum.

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An update - here’s what Laird said:

If you are using the TTN gRPC forwarder you should allow 1900-1904 TCP to the server that you are using, TTI/TTN.

No port forwards to the device should be necessary as it establishes outbound connections.

If you find that more configuration is needed, then it might be best to engage Laird. Please do report back with any other changes - I’d be interested to know what it took to get it working.

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Thanks Graham, That has worked - flying now