Laird Sentrius RG191 LoRaWAN Gateway (US Version) (CE05942)

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The Sentrius RG191 LoRa-Enabled Gateway from Laird is the ultimate in secure, scalable, robust LoRa solutions for end-to-end control of your private LoRaWAN network.

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is this ok to mount outdoors?

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Not if it’s facing direct weather, a typical installation would be inside. If using an external antenna, then most outdoor antenna options come with 5+ meters of cable to route back to the gateway (which is often mounted inside on a wall).

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I bought this for reporting in Australia. I followed this thread: It led me to this document: and I followed step 7 in this to setup on the things network. The gateway had an EUI, I put that through. Chose the AU915MHz profile and checked the legacy packet forwarding checkbox. Then chose the router as a meshed router. The TTN gate overview still says no connection and then on the local Laird page, I can see it still says zone US. I have re powered the device as well. None of that has helped me in that. Would you please be able to advise on how to achieve connectivity in Australia with this device?



If on the Laird Gateway the LoRa LED is lit, and so is either WiFi and/or Ethernet, then you are all set.

Upon connection to TTN, the Laird Gateway will use the prescribed channel plan on your TTN account, regardless of what it shows in the Laird console page.

Might be best to start a new topic that is more specific to your current issue, as it seems the Gateway is working as it should and the problem is likely with the node setup/config.

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I noticed a conversation last night on TTN about AU915 vs AS923.
This prompted me to look at the gateway here and it had stopped, most likely due to a faulty Ethernet. When I sort that out should we re-configure it for AU915 or can it handle both?



Hi Dave,
Please also have a look at this topic in the TTN forum: Australian V2 --> V3 migration planning and coordination topic - Australia - The Things Network. There is a major upgrade happening on the TTN network to the TTN Stack V3 which unfortunately need to involve a migration to a new Network Server (

As for the band plan you are right. The recommendation after extensive community consultation will be to use the Australian (AU915) frequency band with the default sub-band being FSB2 (channel 8-15). The reasoning is outlined in the forum thread you have linked.

The RG191 are 8-channel single-head gateways that can not handle multiple plans at the same time. There are only very few dual-head gateways available.

Cheers, Leo


Hey Dave, I missed this post.

Leave it as AS923 for now - when TTN V3 rolls out in this region we’ll need to update the firmware and then make the switchover to AU915.


OK, not a problem.