Laird Sentrius Update - Gateway no longer works


I updated the firmware on the Laird Sentrius gateway (US model sold to me by Core in April 2019) and now there is no TTN option in Forwarder settings. I have tried rolling the gateway back using a Config json saved after the initial setup but this fails with the message: 400 - Bad Request : REQUEST JSON does not validate against schema

Is there a way to roll back the firmware to a version that gives me the TTN option in the LoRa settings?

Many thanks

Hi Heinz,

I’ve reached out to Laird to find out, though as a workaround you ought to be able to setup a Legacy gateway (the only real difference is you can’t pick a custom EUI)

Hi Heinz,

Here is the response I got from Laird:

We introduced Basics Station aligned with the industry move towards the new Semtech open source packet forwarder, which is supported by TTI (for reference, press release here - and aligns with their new V3 stack update launched in February

Of course, for customers who aren’t ready to migrate / are still working through it (things rarely go smoothly first time), and still wish to use the TTN Forwarder for now, then they can stick with the previous RG1xx build for now

What we don’t know is how long the existing TTN packet forwarder will continue to be supported by the TTI server.

So it seems given the introduction of TTN V3, Legacy mode would be the way forward for now. And with that said, it depends on how long TTN support the legacy packet forwarder for. As with all things IoT, the service will someday be updated to the latest and greatest (such as 3G turning off in 2024, and LTE becoming mainstream with 5G on the horizon).

What I can confirm is that the latest RG191 that we stock is designed for use in Australia, and that firmware updates will work well into the future (including the latest TTN V3 stack).