Laird RG191 LoRa Gateway using AS923 end nodes failing to send uplink payloads

We have setup a Laird RG191 LoRa gateway (purchased from CE) as a forwarder using semtech basics station and successfully connected back to AWS IoT. The region is selected to AU923 and the end nodes we are using are Netvox R718CT LoRa thermocouple devices using AS923MHz.
From the gateway log we can see the join request but we never get an uplink message containing the payload.

Of note is this warning in the Lora log:
[S2E:WARN] Received ‘dnmsg’ before ‘router_config’ - dropped

Laird Gateway:
Model number: RG191
Laird Firmware: Laird Linux gatwick-laird-
LoRa - Connected, Green Light
Region Code: AU923
Gateway Mode: sbs

Netvox: R718CT
Fq: AS923

Additional to this, the Laird Gateway allows you to choose between AU915 and AU923. Initially we setup the Gateway as AU915 and used AU915 end node devices and worked without issue.
But we can’t get the AS923 devices to send payloads?
I have reached out for support from Laird and I’m waiting for a response, was wondering if anyone has run into these issues before? Appreciate any help.

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The warning message in the Lora log suggests that the gateway received a downlink message before it received the router configuration. This can sometimes occur when there is a communication delay or when the devices are not properly configured. You can check the configuration settings for both the gateway and endpoint devices to ensure that they are correctly set up for your specific use case.

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Hi Peter,

Side note, AS923 is not recommended for use on The Things Network in Australia (stick to AU915 now that v3 is out). Though likely a non-issue based on what I can read between the lines - it seems a bespoke network is in use.

There are two AS923 frequency plans; AS923 AS1 and AS923 AS2. Two channels overlap, but the rest do not. While frequency plans are prescribed upon joining (via the common channels), node devices often ignore that response and instead operate on hardcoded frequencies.

If the cloud service you are using doesn’t offer simple/effective debugging tools, it might be worth switching to TTN to see if the issue is replicated there.


Thank you all for your advice on this issue, we have finally found the issue and work around with Laird’s support, they have been really helpful and great to deal with.
The issue was the Semtech LoRa Basics Station Forwarder was not able to parse the region strings correctly. The default behaviour for unrecognised regions has changed from version 2.0.5 to 2.0.6.
Laird are waiting for a fix to integrate into their own software.
The firmware we had running (Laird Linux gatwick-laird- was compiled against Semtech LoRa Basics Station Forwarder version 2.0.6.

" As an interim workaround solution, we recommend downgrading to Laird Linux gatwick-laird- (GA6.1) "
online firmware file can be found at:

We have rolled back to this version and confirmed we now have uplink messages arriving in AWS Iot.
Hopefully this may help someone else.
Thanks again for the support.