Sentrius RG191 LoRaWAN AU Channels

I am using the RG191 gateway - I have configured it using TTN as described in the product description and the AU channels are working fine. I want to configure it to use the Semtech Forwarder, but it seems to revert to the US channels and I can’t find any way to configure it for the AU channels. Am I missing something or does it only use AU channels if using the TTN Forwarder. Thanks

Hi James,

Do you have the US or AU version of the gateway?

Hi Graham,
Im not sure but think its the US version, its a 450-0179 and in the LoRa configuration pages the Region Code is US and all the presets are US.If I select the Semtech Forwarder, the radios can not be configured above 914.5MHz.

Hi Graham, do you have any further follow up on this topic?

Hmm, if it has US in the region settings then it’ll be a US model.

The Legacy Semtech Forwarder should work in a similar way as TTN, whereby despite the settings shown, it should inherent the channel plan from the cloud application. Well, at least that’s how it used to work.

If it’s not doing that, then perhaps something has changed (as often the case with IoT equipment, Australia is on the bottom of most to-do lists).

The new AU specific version supports all Australian features as-normal, finally!

Thanks. That information is helpful.
I will post back here if I am able to get it working with the legacy Semtech Forwarder.

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