Laird Sentrius Gateway Issues

This is a follow on from the topic Sentrius Lora Gateway because as a noob I am only allowed 3 responses to a post…

Thanks @Andrew57334 Andrew, I fear that you are right about Legacy mode. I only ticked it as that is what was shown in the Quick Start Guide, and now it seems that there is no way to un-tick it. I started to delete the gateway to start again but I got a warning that if I delete a gateway I can’t reinstall it with the same eui. Did you find a way around this?

I am seeing the same radio frequencies that you posted and can’t change them to the AU915 frequencies.

@Graham are you able to help with any of this, and also help me understand why there is a reply limit on a forum that exists to answer questions from noobs who are likely to need to ask or respond more than 3 times?

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