Launchpad Xmas Tree Sequencer with Volca Bass FM and NTS-1

The Volca Bass is playing notes following the shape of the tree. The FM (Marimba patch) plays notes depending on the flashing decorations. The NTS-1 plays notes depending on the “Star” flashing.

Sequenced by Bespoke MIDI controller powered by Teensy 4.1


What is the display made of? Are these 5mm LEDs?

It is two Launchpads Mini 3, which are RGB LED pads. They are usually used to play computer music DAWs like Ableton however they can be controlled by MIDI messages. I use a Teensy 4.1 in host mode.


Hi John,

Always a treat to see your musical creations! I’m definitely going to trawl through your projects if I ever get stuck on something MIDI-related :slight_smile:

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Thanks James. Happy to help with MIDI.

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It’s not all MIDI. Here’s a Teensy Synth with guitar synth…

Bespoke Berlin School Synthesiser with a SY1000 Guitar Synth

Trying out my Berlin School Sequence Machine with my SY1000 guitar synth. On listening back I think the Saw tooth probably needs some work with the amplitude envelope, but it has plenty of grunt!

I use 3 different presets on the SY1000. A guitar with a single echo and a shimmering synth, the replicant patch and the mono sine with lots of glide.

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