Bespoke Launchpad/Teensy Controller for 4 synthesisers - Showcase of Functions - No Talking!

I added two more MIDI outputs to the Teensy so 4 independent synths can be controlled.


  • 4 independent outputs.

  • 4 independent sequences with 4 independent 8 note bars. Mix and match.

  • Notes can be entered on the fly and changed as played.

  • Accent and Slide available for 303 synths

  • Probability per note per sequence

  • Independent gate length per note (same for all synths)

  • Two main screens - Note entry/play and Control mode

  • Mute/Solo Synth

  • Octave shift per synth

  • Reverse bar/Pattern play per synth

  • Random note play per synth

  • Transpose root note

  • Change between 8 different scales

  • Help on OLED screen

  • Stutter for one synth (not shown on this video)

  • Notes can be muted or skipped (for polyrhythms). (not shown on this video) Re-trigger to realign bar.


Yeah! Another music project from John :clap: What a feat of programming and a great demo! Are you planning to make the project open source?

I’ve really enjoyed the projects you’ve been sharing on the forums - especially the generative onces. So delightful and creative.


Thanks! It seems to work well, but needs some tweaking. I probably will make it open source but it needs some cleaning up before I do so. In the mean time the “Naughts and Crosses” version has been submitted as a project so people will be able to see how that works…


Jam - Bespoke Launchpad/Teensy Sequencer with 3 Volcas (Bass, Keys, FM) and NTS 1

Upgrade to the Teensy controlled Launchpad sequencer on my my previous video. In this new version it has for each synth:

  • New screens to show current active step range.

  • Start and stop anywhere in the 64 steps. (Individual notes can still be skipped)

  • Save/load current notes to Teensy EEPROM.

  • Copy Paste from any steps to any steps

  • 1, ½, ÂĽ, and â…› tempo.

  • OLED screen shows notes active and play head for each synth

Probably something else I’ve forgotten. Speaking of forgetting, I intended to set one synth to loop 64 notes and another to play 63 of the same pattern and forgot to set this. Next jam I will…

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RD-6 enhancements via MIDI with ratchet, probability and variable pattern lengths per sound - Controlled by Teensy/Launchpad with Volcas.

I like the sounds of the RD-6 drum machine but it’s missing some controls that I like. So,

I have made some more enhancements to my Teensy/Launchpad controller with drums in mind:


(Designed to work with RD-6 MIDI input numbers)

  • Individual Beat Ratchett

  • Individual Beat Probability

  • Beat lengths: 4 seperate bars of 16 beats, Can be shorter or longer for each drum sound

  • Saves Drum beats to Teensy EEProm

  • Different Colours for each Drum/Cymbal

  • Different intensities of LEDs depending on active Drum/Cymbal

  • Drums are sent on the same DIN as synth 1. The orange one.

Synths are not forgotten…


  • Chord Mode. Triads chosen automatically to fit current key for each synth per step