Ambient Frippertronics with Volcas - Controlled by Teensy and Launchpad

I am using the Teensy microcontroller to play the Volca bass synth and to send MIDI clock to the Volca FM (SpringPad). The Volca Drum is used for sound effects.

The velocity (loudness) of the notes decreases as determined by the starting value on the blue screen and the rate chosen by the arrow keys at the bottom.

The notes are chosen on the green screen and are in Cm.

Reverb added afterwards in Logic Pro.


The Teensy controls the launchpad in Host Mode and sends MIDI messages to 2 output sockets on 5 pin MIDI DIN.


Hey John,

That’s super cool! So the Teensy is acting as a sequencer, and using the Launchpad as a slick UI basically?

This thing is getting closer and closer to an Ableton Push the more I see of it!


Thanks. The idea is to make it like a sequencer with added things. In this example the velocities (amplitude) of the sequenced notes are reduced over time much like an echo. Each note can have it’s velocity adjusted individually and the rate of decay can be adjusted as well.