LED strip connectors


I’m looking for something to connect LED strips (I’m working with the 144 LED per meter WS2812B’s). Ideally I’m looking for something like the LED strip, just without the LEDs and resistors attached. Even better would be 3 strips of conductive lines, running from end to end. Does such a product exist?

It’s for connecting 2 LED strips at 90 degrees, inside the corner of a square frame.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You could simply solder some hookup wire between the strips, which would work whether you want the strips pointing out of the frame, or across it.

If you want the LED strips pointing in (across the frame) you could use some right angled headers. Solder a 3-in female header like this one (https://core-electronics.com.au/0-100-2-54-mm-female-header-1x3-pin-right-angle.html) on one end and cut three pins off a 40-pin header like this (https://core-electronics.com.au/0-100-2-54-mm-breakaway-male-header-1x40-pin-right-angle.html) for the other strip. This would then let you unplug the strips should you ever need to remove or replace them.

I can’t remember where I saw them off the top of my head, but I have seen connectors designed specifically for WS2812 LED strips on other sites. Probably try searching for “WS2812 connector” on Google if you want to try find some of these.


Thanks for the idea arb, I’ll give the headers a go! Cheers mate.

I just realised - I linked to right-angled versions of the male and female headers - you only need right-angle headers on one side, the other should be straight. So either get right-angled female and straight male, or straight female and right-angled male.

I’d probably go for the RA female and straight male, but it’s your choice.


Thanks for the suggestions Arb!

I agree that the best method is probably soldering hookup wires. Its always a bit difficult to solder LED strips. I suggest tinning the pads and wires first then joining them together. Here is a good explanation: https://www.ecolocityled.com/category/led_tutorials_rgb_solder

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Thanks for the tip Stephen. These 144 density strips are particularly tricky to wrangle!