Libre Office?

trying to install LibreOffice on Pi4, keeps quitting, error message becomes unable to connect to network, 101 network is unreahable.
So far today have reached 51% of download, it just keeps quitting !

Hi Mark,

Are you able to send through some screen shots, and photos of how you’ve got your Pi setup? It sounds like it might be a WiFi connectivity issue. How far is your Pi from your router? Have you tried using an Ethernet connection?

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Hi Oliver,
it magically started to do all things expected as soon as it ticked over to 15:00, guessing that it is really only 14:00 and England would be 02:00. perhaps it was just overloading their servers ?
Not done yet but it is unpacking …

5 hours of glitches then in 9 minutes, at 15:09 it was loaded and it runs !

Hi Mark,

That’s very strange! If it was a WiFi issue, maybe something nearby that was causing interference just turned off on a timer? Nonetheless, I’ve always found it best not to look a gift horse in the mouth!

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Noticed a similar thing with downloads that come from UK. Took ages for an update and kept failing.
If it would use the mirror sights in Aust it might be better but sometimes the Pi just wants to look overseas.
Unsure why.

What you have described could be related to mirror updating, ok for UK when most people asleep but peak time here.


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I don’t use wifi because you cannot diagnose intermittent problems, always plug it in !

You can always download the install files from this site:

Even on another computer in a browser

You might think so, but it kept disconnecting, even when connected the transfer speed was about 1.2Kb/s.
Therefore it does not matter which computer you use to download the files, the server was obviously overworked.

This is an Australian mirror:

Yeah but 2 things,
1] the Pi goes overseas automatically,
2] I was ultimately successful.
perhaps that will terminate the discussion.

Thanking all for their views, tips and insights.