LM35DZ Temperature Sensor (CE05264)

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Linear analogue output Temperature Sensor.

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Do you think this sensor would be able to be used with the NodeMCU ESP8266?

If it’s got an ADC and it can provide at least 4v, it’ll work - simple as that :slight_smile:

how about 3.23v?

It needs at least 4v to operate. If you’re running your ESP8266 from a 5v supply, that’ll work. The analogue output voltage from the temperature sensor is pretty low (10mV per °C) so that won’t hurt anything.

yes its powered by 5v usb but the pins output 3.3v. Checked with the multimeter. Is it still okay?

If you power the sensor from the 5v supply, yes.

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When are these in stock and also is this ic can be used as an alternative to this?

Hi Troy
That is the same data sheet. Be careful as there are letters after the “35” that mean something. Different suffixes have different parameters. I think temperature range is one, I have just had a quick look and not gone into detail.
Also if you are expecting negative temperatures and referencing to ground you will need a split (positive and negative) supply. If only positive temperatures a single supply is OK.
Cheers Bob

Thank you Bob. I’m not measuring negative temperature, I know that some Lm35 series are using mV/K (kelvin) but for my needs I need to measure ‘C’ and only in positive temperatures.

Hi Troy
You should be OK with a single supply then
These devices seem a lot easier to use that the ones I last dealt with. They were 1µA per deg K and we used a 10k resistor to convert to 10mV/DegK. Then had to offset 2.73V to convert to DegC. There used to be available a 2.73V reference just for that purpose. All fairly easily doable but you had to provide your own current limiting (depends on supply voltage) to prevent self heating due to current through the device. Fun Fun.
Cheers Bob

I’m measuring NIMH temperatures. The theory is (I think) when the battery temperatures rises rapidly then that indicates they can longer absorb current. Well that is what I understand. Thankfully my application is more straightforward than what yours. Can I order the IC when its not on hand?

Hi Troy

Yes that is right. I think some battery packs for drills etc detect end of charge this way And I think one of my chargers does this too. Lithiums do this a bit differently.

A lot more recent too (10 + years).
Back when you had to do all these conversions yourself with op amps etc.

Don’t know. I am not a Core employee. Just one of the plebs.
Cheers Bob

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