Load Cells - Values drifting


My project consists of building a scale for measuring beer keg volumes.

My hardware:

1x nodeMCU - ESP8266 - Arduino
1 x Load combinator bought in Core Electronics
4 x Load cells and 1x HX711 bought in Ali Express

I have connected everything and the nodemcu is connected to my notebook.
I am still building a prototype and the first issue that I a having is that the reading is drifting too much. I am able to calibrate the scale by setting the factor, but values get increasingly going up, sometimes down.
Can you guys give me any clue on what is happening? Can I achieve a much more steady reading? Thank you so much!

Do you have a picture of how you mounted the cells?

The scales I’ve seen with a load cell are pretty sturdy metal frames, and bathroom scales are nearly always glass as it’s the most elastic. Not bendy or springy- elastic.

I’m guessing things are moving a touch from where they were setup hence the changing readings?

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Load cells are just placed on the table and I am using a plywood over on top of them. Please see the pictures.

Thanks for replying.

Just guessing, but I reckon your table could be flexing.

Try putting a support under the table?

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I will try. I let you know. Thanks.

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try double the amount of sensors/cells…scales are hard to preset to “0” at any time…maybe try find a forum who actually deal with these type of setup you have…or places who make scales and see what they have to say…

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