Looking for SBC with Wifi5 support (5Ghz required)

Hey there,

I’m looking for a single board computer or micro chip that I can control over USB. Specifically I need to simulate a bunch of mobile’s Wifi chips over 5Ghz.

Looking to get a few hundred of them.

Previously looked at ESP8266 chips and found some offerings like https://www.auselectronicsdirect.com.au/wemos-d1-r2-wifi-development-board-esp8266-for-ard
but it turns out they only do 2.4 Ghz and the customer requires 5 Ghz.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas.
I’m hoping to avoid buying Orange Pis or something of that size. Something smaller and cheaper would be better.

Thanks in advance,

How much capability do you need, beyond the 5GhzWifi? It is possible to start quite small:
Minimalist 5G WiFi & BLE microcontroller | Hackaday.io
or go with a more complex development system:

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Thanks! Not much. We just need to be able to get DHCP leases, do some downloads, and drop off wifi at random periods.
Thanks for the links, but I think the OrangePi are cheap enough that they’ll fit the bill.


Hi Jay,

Surprisingly the Raspberry Pi Model 3A+ can handle 5GHz WiFi so they may be worth considering as well as they are a lot cheaper than most of the other official Raspberry Pi boards.

You can check this out too: OK3568-C SBC provides dual GbE, WiFi 5, 4G/5G connectivity, multiple display interfaces - CNX Software