Lora Point to Point requirements

Hi I’m new to using LORA

I’m in the process of setting up a LORA point-to-point system between a Raspberry Pi and an Arduino.

I’m happily using the AU915 band, and selected a single frequency to do the communication on.

Looking around I found the frequency plans that are listed on The Things Network website, which lists the uplink and downlink frequencies, at the below link.
(I understand that The Things Network is related to LORAWAN and not just LORA)

Channel MHz Hz SF
1 916.8 916800000 SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
2 917.0 917000000 SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
3 917.2 917200000 SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
4 917.4 917400000 SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
5 917.6 917600000 SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
6 917.8 917800000 SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
7 918.0 918000000 SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
8 918.2 918200000 SF7BW125 to SF10BW125
9 917.5 917500000 SF8BW500

Channel MHz Hz SF
1 923.3 923300000 SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
2 923.9 923900000 SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
3 924.5 924500000 SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
4 925.1 925100000 SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
5 925.7 925700000 SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
6 926.3 926300000 SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
7 926.9 926900000 SF7BW500 to SF12BW500
8 927.5 927500000 SF7BW500 to SF12BW500

This lists details the frequencies for communicating (up and down), as well as the spread factors and the bandwidth allowed.

My question is, if I’m using LORA for point-to-point communication, and I use one of these frequencies, do I need to follow the same parameters that are listed here?
i.e. if I use 917.2MHz I need to ensure my communication is between a spread factor of 7 and 10, with a bandwidth of 125kHz

And also, if I’m using LORA for point-to-point communication only, there doesn’t seem to be any duty cycle restrictions (I understand that I don’t want to be hogging the airwaves though), what does the ACMA require?