LoRaWAN AS923 and TTN v3

Hi all,

I have an existing set of LoRaWAN devices using 923Mhz. I use them through The Things Network (v2). I’m having to migrate that to V3. The Things Stack v3 page states the following:

“In Australia, The Things Network uses the LoRaWAN AU915 band plan. See Frequency Plans | The Things Network. For AU915, we use Frequency Sub Band 2, also known as channels 8-15, or 916.8MHz through to 918.2MHz.”

It doesn’t mention AS923 at all.

Does anyone know if my devices will work on The Things Stack (v3) ?



Hey Roger,

I had a dig through the documentation, and couldn’t find anything suggesting that AS923 was used in Australia, even on older networks (happy to be proven wrong there). The gateway at Core is a Laird that runs at 915MHz, are there other gateways in your area that use 923?

I’ll admit that I’m not across LoRa and TTN enough to say for sure, maybe someone with more experience can chime in?

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Hi Roger,

There was quite a long discussion about this over on the TTN forums:

I believe the outcome was for all the TTN gateways to be AU915, and while there are of course still AS923 LoRAWAN gateways around, they are no longer officially part of the TTN per se.


Interesting James. I get lost in the TTN world because the doco doesn’t seem to quite cover what I need then I find alternative sources that may or may not confuse the issue :smile:

Your comment made me realise I should login to the consoles and just see what’s available. Turns out … 923 is available in v2, my existing gateway configured as it. Also, it’s available in the v3 console although somewhat separated from the AS915. Here’s a screenshot:

So, I have answered my own question thanks to your prompting, I should be able to use a 923 in The Things Stack.



Thanks Oliver,

I had read through the first half of that novel and started to get a bit lost without a clear answer on what The Things Stack would eventually support … I think I will go back and try persisting through the second half … it’s a long long detailed thread for a frequency novice like msyelf ! :smile:



Hi Roger,

I’ll post some resources that I’ve used for LoRa/LoRaWAN related projects.

TTNmapper: https://ttnmapper.org/ - It shows a map of the connected gateways around your area and the frequency plan that they use, just note that with the migration happening at the moment gateways are popping up and going offline a lot.

LoRaWAN accademy: LoRaWAN Academy | DEVELOPER PORTAL - A great resource for all things LoRa and LoRaWAN