The Things Network V3 - migrating uGateway

There is now an imperative to migrate to TTN v3. I have done this successfully with a Sentrius gateway.

I have a uGateway that works well on TTN v2. I have tried adding it to TTN v3

Gateway EUI - entered
Server address is “”
Frequency plan is “Australia 915-928 MHz FSB 2 (used by TTN)”

It is showing as disconnected. Not sure what to do next. I note this in the documentation -
Some gateways require an API Key with Link Gateway Rights to be able to connect to The Things Stack

Has anyone else done this yet?


Hey Andrew,

I’m not across running a gateway but I hope this can help :slight_smile:
Did you have this one here?

I would have a look at this article for some pointers but couldnt find anything specific to that chip(the RAK831): Adding Gateways | The Things Stack for LoRaWAN

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yes that’s the gateway. The documentation shows the following hints (is this a UDP?)

My gateway won’t connect. What do I do?

Check the following in The Things Stack console:

  • Does the Gateway EUI in the console match with the EUI of the gateway?
  • Does the Frequency Plan selected match with the configuration in the gateway? Refer to the Frequency Plans section for plans that are officially supported by The Things Stack
  • Did you select Require authenticated connection in gateway settings? This prevents UDP gateways from working (and for gateways connected with Basic Station or MQTT, this prevents unauthenticated connections)
  • Do you see any warnings/errors in the Gateway live data section?

Hi Andrew,

We’re yet to find a migration pathway for the hardware used on uGateway. We’ll keep our eyes peeled though


Hi @Graham, did you find a pathway for migrating to TTNv3? On some of our other gateways all we’ve had to do has been point a URL to, but I can’t find an option anywhere in the Raspberry Pi’s file system.


No V3 support sorry. Sadly, RAKWireless is no longer recommending the RAK831 and is moving towards the RAK2245 instead. Given there are only around 2 RA831 public gateways still in operation, we won’t have the commercial oomph to support it officially.

uGateway is open source, PRs are welcome if someone does find a way to maintain them on TTN V3.