M-2 argon 40 ssd and rpi-4.rev 2..?

well with the rpi-4 this is just one of my results best i ever got was 2371 @128 threads full stressberry one pass i run mine at 2000 …2200 seems the sweet spot on my rpi4 think rev.2…2 max temp i think was around 42-45 c…um argon one M-2 would not clock over 2 gig @around 45-50 from mem old and rusty…


Hey Brian,

Good to see you back again! I’d be keen to see the Stressberry graphs if you have them handy :smiley:

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i have limited data of pics on my phone but never did get intio the graphical side of it thogh the most threads i got out of it was 128 @2250 i think…from mem have pics of screenshots showing top …command line while running stressberry from mem bit rusty …thx for welcome back after all the jabbing is done maybe we can reach some state of what life was like before the covid stuff cheers …brian