Pi4 freezing issue

Greetings! Recently bought a new Pi4 (8GB) with ArgonOne M.2 case. All good. I’ve configured it to boot from USB and use the M.2 part of the ArgonOne case. All good there too.
BUT, any time I log in to YouTube to play something, my system locks up - freezes - cursor won’t move, keyboard unresponsive etc. Sometines (but not always) the audio will continue to play and others, it goes into a kind of stutter where it seems to be playing the last few milliseconds of sound repeastedly and rapidly. I haven’t tried to play video from any other source yet but thought I’d poll the experts first and see if this was (is) unusual.

Other issue - I had planned to use the Pi4 to operate some astronomy gear (telescopes, cameras etc) via a Raspian clone called AstroBerry - a collection of astro-related apps running on a Raspian core. The Pi boots OK from the SSD, but the ArgonOne app that controls the on-off switch and case fan won’t run and so neither the switch nor fan will operate with the result the systems runs far too ot to use. I’m a but stumped.


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Hi Peter,

How interesting, which distro of Rasbian are you using in particular? And what’s the browser that you’re running YouTube on? I haven’t seen this bug before myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something like this existed on a version of chromium or ice weasel.

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?? what do you have the cpu settings in the congfig.txt or boot.ini/txt etc…basically what do you have the clock speed set to.??
also what method of extracting the audio from the rpi…??
have you ran an update on the software…??
have run this code
apt update && apt full-upgrade as root user.
also if you have another power source could you change it out… if possible…
what ssd are you using…??. try as reflash on a fresh card 16 Gb min if your using sd to boot from or does it boot from ssd…??

if you have a DMM pls check the 5 volt rail and the 3.3 volt rail …
pls check the forum for a pin-out diagram of the gpio pins…
there should be 5.1 volts on the gpio header pin/s approxx if it is higher by ± .1 or 2 of volt that is ok but if it is low then pls post back that should rule out your power supply…

also if you could setup constant power metering …so you can watch the voltage in real time…also if your are powering it via a external supply your wire gauge should be 18 gauge approxx…also the longer the power cables the more voltage drop you will have at the pi power input…

if your using a usb hub change it out…pls also can you specify what other devices you have running off the usb ports…??

as for the fan and power switch there is software for that to install here is the download link for it…


once you have downloaded the file you must make it executable
go into the directory where the file was saved and using the command linecode this
chmod 755 argon1.sh

next to run the file code this

and it should start to install…

check the code above i just found out the link does not give you how to install it…sozz…


most likely thermal shut down pls get the fan running