MagPi Magazine (Latest Issue) (CE04859)

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This product listing is for the latest issue of MagPi. If you buy on the 1st of the Month or after; you are buying “the latest issue” of MagPi.

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I have finally managed to get a printed copy in Aust as I’ve been downloading the digital issues when they get released for a while. I was greatly excited when Core Electronics decided to become an Australian distributor .

For myself it beats staring at a screen reading as nothing compares to holding printed media I think. The magazine is well thought out and written and as a new person to a Raspberry Pi world it’s great to get way to get started .

I can’t wait until I can take out a subscription for the magazine .


Yep, that’s pretty much our thoughts as well. Nothing quite beats that tactile feel of reading through paper media. Glad to hear that you’re enjoying it!

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There is still a hands on market for magazines!! Getting the MagPi mag as a subscription for a year or half year would also mean it can be given as a gift, missing out on business here without it…

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I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m also a fan of having something hands on to read and learn about new projects and tech. We’re always working on ways to make it more accessable.