Books Bundle Question

Hey all, it looks like the Humble eBook bundle might be pretty good (hope it’s ok to share) Humble Tech Book Bundle Get More Pi! DIY Electronics w/ Arduino & Raspberry Pi (pay what you want and help charity)

I’m wondering if anyone has read/used any of the books?

The Raspberry Pi specific ones look to be a little old, but the Raspberry Pi for Dummies does include the 4B. Though the general Electronics ones will probably help me. It’s only AU$25.30 for all 18 ebooks, so it seems reasonable.



If you want to buy the bundle, I suggest you to check the table of contents of each book. It is possible that many topics are common among these books.


Hi Doug,

Looks like there is a lot of content there, specifically project related content which will be more varied.
You may find some guides on the Raspberry Pi a little dated as things have been changing so frequently. The big example that comes to mind is Raspberry Py Bullseye OS using libcamera instead of raspistill library now to control the camera and the old commands no longer working out of the box.

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