Matrix project for drivers P and L plates

I have a student doing his HSC and has come up with this idea for a digital “P” plate for young drivers. Basically, we have been using an Arduino Uno with a 8 x 8 duinotech shield with an LED Matrix. There seems to be a real conflict of information on the net about getting these items working together so we are just ready to start again.

What I saw on your site is

Gravity: Flexible 16x16 RGB LED Matrix which would save us the problems of trying to daisy chain separate 8 x 8 units together. Happy to stick with Arduino, or take your advise if you feel raspberry Pi would be better, but we need to create a red P on a white background, then with a dial switch, change it to a green P with white background and finally be able to change it back to a black L with yellow background. We have created a prototype for the code, but now need the hardware to make it a reality.

Any help or advise would be much appreciated.


Hi Steven

Are you able to include the prototype code so that we can have a look? I have not used the Gravity board but I think @Stephen has done some stuff with the ws2812 the chip the Gravity 16x16 is built on.

Hey Steven,

I recommend using the NeoMatrix library for Arduino. Check out this tutorial on using NeoMatrix:

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