Meet Loomo - Segway Robot

I normally prefer to share projects that are of a DIY, maker level, however, this new developer project from Segway is way too cool not to share. Meet Loomo.

They've taken the iconic 2 wheeled segway platform, and used it to create an intelligent, assistant robot which is capable of vision, speech, locomotion, connectivity, interaction, and hardware extensions. Oh, and it's open source. It's awesome to see companies that are leading the technological curve, creating open source platforms to allow developers to further the application of robotics. Check it out for yourself:

I think that the beauty of projects like the Loomo robot is that it shows the potential of open source designs which allow for a community driven advancement, rather than closed-loop development. At the moment it's only available to developers for pre-release development, but it'll be exciting to see the fruit that Loomo bears.

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