microSD Adapter (CE09444)

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If you need to load or store large amounts of data, look no further than this 3.3V SPI microSD card module.

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Just like to make a note that the pinouts listed in the description are not correct for this module. I have ordered a few of these and verified they work with the below pinouts. I tested from 4Gb to 32Gb uSD’s.
If you have the pins up facing you on the left, with the SD card to the right, showing the SD text upside down (generally), That is with the little arrow pointing up, the pins are as below from top to bottom,

  1. VCC, 3v3
  2. CS
  3. MOSI
  4. CLK
  5. MISO
  6. GND


Hi Max,

Welcome to the forum, I had seen a note made about this one in the past we just hadn’t confirmed the pinout. I’ve just tested one myself and have updated the page.

Thanks for the assist.

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Yeah, no probs. Thanks for the quick reply too,
It’s a top little module for the price. I tested it on an Arduino Nano and currently running on a RPi Pico. Hoping with a smaller RTC I can squeez my project into a small tin, about half the size of the Altoid tins.


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Good luck! That’s one small container to squeeze that all that in.