Mini TV Build - parts confirmation and help


A few friends and I came across this project we’d like to give a go - something a bit fun to each have a go at:

Its basically a small TV powered by a pi-zero. I was super keen to support an Aussie retailer and try and get the entire parts list from Core. Luckily as its a printed project, we can sorta modify the print/housing a little to suit slightly different sized components (the screen!).

I’ve put together the list of parts below so far - but I’m after some help to find;

  • a suitable screen - the project owner uses a 640x480 2.8inch TFT.
  • USB Type B Standard Micro Port Male

If anyone has any thoughts on better part combos i’m all ears as well!

Hopefully we can source it all from Core and support the locals!


Hi Jess,

As for the USB port, were you looking for something like this?

As for the screen, We’ve got quite a few options depending on your preferred size:

They will all perform about the same, but the Adafruit ones are a little better documented if that’s one of your requirements.

All the best with your project, and let us know if you run into trouble getting it going :slight_smile:

Thanks James… I think that is spot on what I’m after! Have chosen a screen as well - the cheapest of course!

I did find a random review/comment:

Ne peux afficher autre chose que des lignes de code avec un PI Zero, même en splittant 256 Mo de
RAM au GPU. Sinon marche très bien avec un PI 3.

which loosly translates to:

Cannot display anything other than lines of code with a PI Zero, even splitting 256MB RAM to the GPU. Otherwise works very well with a PI 3.

Any chance you can confirm will work with a Pi Zero?

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Hi Jess,

That screen will work with a Pi Zero as the 40 pin GPIO is the same in all models of Pi, but it is sized for a model B style Pi so the bottom of the screen will overhang the Pi Zero and may need support. The top two mounting holes should still line up though.

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