Missing OS's on NOOBS SD card


Recently got the 4GB RPi 4 from you with extra accessories like the Argon case, PSU, etc.
I also got the 16GB MicroSD Card with NOOBS for all Raspberry Pi Boards (SKU: CE00279)

It mentions that:
For beginners and first-time users, this is the easiest way to get started with Raspberry Pi Boards (this will work for all RPi models). The package includes seven popular operating systems for you to use:

  • Raspbian
  • Windows 10 IoT Core
  • OpenELEC
  • OSMC
  • Arch Linux
  • Pidora

When I booted it up there was only Raspbian / OpenELEC on there by default and none of the others. When I connected to WiFi it came up with another option for Lakka but nono of the others…
Later on I found out that Win 10 IoT hasnt been updated for some time (including RPi 3B+)

TBH a bit disappointed as the main reason I bought the RPi and all accessories from Core electronics (rather than E14 or RS) was for the “value add” especially the SDCard having all the various OS’s on there, saving me time, bandwidth (and money) having to figure this out, so your web page is incorrect.

I spoke to your support agent via ZenDesk and he suggested that I post this here for feedback - it may have been built incorrectly.

An older post 16GB 'Noobs' sd -making copies & choosing OS -how to had a similar issue in terms of not wanting to download binaries.

If you could somehow help that would be great.

Also when I order3d it, they couldn’t tell me if you had older stock or the new 1.2 version. I can confirm that it should be the newer one from some of the posts which show the differences between the two board revs.


Hi Richard,

It seems we missed this post, sorry! Yep, you will absolutely need the internet to get the full list of operating systems for Raspberry Pi NOOBS (New Out Of Box Software). I’ve updated the product page to make that clear.

And newer boards, such as the RPI 4 have less supported operating systems than older boards (that have had more time in the sun).

Revision 1.2 is certainly out there, however, 1.1 is still in production as well. We’re unable to unbox or guarantee which version you’ll receive.

In any case, you should only use a 5.1V Power Supply (not an overpriced 5V e-charger for Apple devices, etc). The PSU’s we recommend are designed for RPI Single Board Computers. They are engineered to ensure power-to-the-chip is exactly what it needs to be, so that the CPU does not slow down when other peripheries are connected (and during heavy CPU loads).

I hope that info helps, 1.2+ will someday become the only revision, though everything works perfectly with 1.1 when using a 5.1V Power Supply (as engineered).

The Rasbarry pi 4 Model B [4GB] is the only Bored That is V1.2 Right Off the Factory Line

The Rasbarry pi 4 Model B [2GB] have 2 Revision the Original being Revision V1 The New Bored being V1.2