MKR GSM 1400 dimensions

Hi All, i have been working with this module for a while now and it is a great way to give any project GSM capability. There is however one downside to the documentation,. It does not have a complete mechanical diagram. I am looking for accurate dimensions between the mounting holes(between centers).
I am designing a housing for it and will be using an SLA printer so i would like the measurements to be as accurate as possible.
Has anyone got these dimensions?


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If you’ve got one in your hands and a set of calipers (cheap digital ones can be had for about $20-$30 from any hardware shop) you’re probably best to just measure it.

That said, there’s an interactive PCB viewer on the page for the MKR1400 GSM:

You can measure it up there, or you can download the “Eagle files” and open the .brd in your favourite viewer, Here’s a few: