MKRVRS Motor Driver

Not so much a question but more a contribution. I was looking for a 3D model for the MKRVRS motor driver which I have incorporated into our new Rover robot. In the end I used the Kicad pcb on Github and exported a STEP file which gave me the basic board. I added in all the components. One or two might not be 100% correct but I ended up with the board and components. I then added some of the text. Ended up with this which I was pretty happy with.


Hi Pete,

That model looks great!

What did you use to get a usable STEP out of KiCad? I’ve always heard FreeCAD was necessary, and I’ve never been able to get my head around its weird workflow.

If you shoot us a link to the CAD file, I’m sure we’d love to give it a closer look and maybe stick it on our product page with a link to this forum thread :slight_smile:

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Hi James,

Thanks for your response. I’m attaching the STEP file. Maybe you can correct the inaccuracies in it as I think I went for some generic components/packages.

My workflow was as follows:

  1. Load up the PCB layout model into Kicad (downloaded from Github)
  2. Hide all layers until I could easily the outlines for each component
  3. Search and place each component’s 3D model using the PCB component properties dialog
    For step 3, I use Grabcad to find all of the component models. I deleted all of the .wrl files. I had previously tried the Blender route (open in blender and then re-save) but it didn’t work for me.
  4. Once all the SMT components were placed, I exported the model as a STEP. This works surprisingly well.
  5. Opened it in Fusion and got the rest of the through hole components and jointed them in
  6. Finished off writing/colours

Hope this is useful.

Just to let you know, I’m using this for an educational robot that my company has built (version 3 of our Rover). We use this to run incursions and STEM clubs at high schools and stage 3 in primary. It has 4 wheel drive (parallel motor connections) using N20 motors and is powered with a 2S battery. The sensors are all Grove so are swappable. The custom PCB that we designed can take a Nano form factor microcontroller. (1.5 MB)

Many thanks



Hi redices
I think this reply is in the wrong place. I don’t think Pete has a problem with 12VAC
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Haha, no I don’t,

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