ModMyPi WiFi Dongle - Ultra Long Range High Gain w/ 5dBi Antenna (CE05878)

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ModMyPi’s Ultra Long Range High Gain 5dBi USB WiFi Dongle is great if you’re connecting to distant WiFi signals with your Raspberry Pi, and want a little more range!

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Hi i m looking forward for some kind of external wifi extender or device which i want to connect with raspberry pi w zero to increase the wifi range upto minimum atlist 600 meters. Right now the range is about 100 meters only any suggesion or any idea will be appreciated or you can make any changes then it will be good please let me know soon

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Hi Rimit,

This product was retired and we can no longer source stock of it. In either case, 600 meters of range is not realistic for a wifi device that isn’t designed as a network point-to-point link or bridge.

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You could use a Cambium point-to-point link if desperate. They’ll run several kilometres with packet loss increasing over distance (up to about 10 km). You need power at each end though plus they aren’t cheap.