Mounting Equipment - Piicodev Ecosystem

Hey! I was wondering if Core sold the same nylon mounting hardware - screws, nuts and standoffs - as is contained in the Piicodev kits so that I can stack more modules, because the provided amount is insufficient for my needs. Thanks for your help!

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Hey Ezra,
The PiicoDev module descriptions say that the mounting holes are M2.5. I’m not sure if Core Electronics sell the exact same standoffs, but you could use something similar like these. It seems you can get smaller amounts for lower prices if you are willing to go with a different material.

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Core sell kits of these in both black and white nylon. Kits contain lots of different lengths and are very handy.
Search Black (or white) nylon stand off kits.
Cheers Bob


Hi Ezra,

J and Bob are on the money here, the holes in the board are 2.7mm for clearance around an M2.5 screw. these are the 2 kits I’d recommend: