Mounting piicodev modules

I am looking to mount several PiicoDev modules within a project and need to bolt them in place with 2.5x20mm metal bolts… I believe that the mounting holes are isolated from all other circuitry.
Can the modules be safely mounted if I use nylon washers top and bottom, with the metal bolts?

The modules may be mounted to wood or metal surfaces within the project. No PiicoDev module will actually touch these surfaces, just be bolted on with clearances.

From the ‘top down’ - bolt head, nylon washer, PiicoDev module, nylon washer, (optional locknut/spacer), bolt thread, project surface…

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Hi Murray,

I’ve got a module in front of me and can confirm there is a copper keep out around the holes (and they arent plated so just exposes the FR4).

Metal screws shouldnt be an issue, if they somehow make electrical contact with the board the bottom side of the PCB is GND and the top is left floating (you can also veryify by taking a look at the hardware repo on the product page - Open Source doing what Open Source does best :smiley: )

And if anyone reading this in the future needs a guide check out Michaels guide on mounting them: PiicoDev Mounting Guide - Tutorial Australia