Small nylon bolts, washers, nuts

Is it possible to get quantities of (i.e. 10s, or 50s) of 2.5mm nylon bolts, washers and nuts, in various lengths. I have found that several modules need 2.5mm bolts, but the only ones I have so far from Core are the few that come with the PiicoDev mounting plate.

And they are only about 6mm long. When building my current project, I have several times needed longer bolts, or failing that I have used stainless bolts 2.5 x 12 mm and nuts with some M3 nylon washers ( which don’t fit as well as I would like).

Suggestions re sources welcome

This should be suitable:

I looked at that, and while ok for most things, I actually need longer bolts (up to 15 mm or so) and washers, so I can pack modules out 2 or 3mm (the shortest standoff in the kit is 6mm)

In particular I am mounting the PiicoDev distance sensor behind a clear window for weatherproofing, and have found that the appropriate standoff distance for it to ‘ignore’ the window surface is 3mm, the height of the buss connectors. A stack of washers works :upside_down_face: , as in my original post - I guess I am just looking for the ‘elegant’ solution.

The result - note ‘loose’ 3mm washers in pictures 2 (back view) and 3 (front view)


You can cut the head off a screw and use it as a joiner for multiple F-F standoffs.

The neatest way to way to mount the sensor precisely is to print a custom support of the exact length.

Hi Murray
Not terribly easy but they are available. Google “M2.5 nylon screws” and you will get some suppliers.
M3 is easy, Jaycar stock those (and M4). Interestingly Element 14 stock M2 and M3 but it seems not M2.5. I don’t know about RS Components as I haven’t looked. If suppliers had left everything with M3 holes life would be much easier but most devices seem to be M2.5 or even M2 these days.
They are not particularly cheap either when you do find them.
Cheers Bob