Mouse and keyboard not working after reboot (Raspberry Pi 3 B+)

Hi there,

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with NOOBS. I powered on the device and proceeded to start setup (mouse and keyboard connected and working fine). As the device was setting up, the power got disconnected by accident and rebooted. After that, mouse and keyboard stopped working. Display is still working but I can’t move the cursor around. I have verified it is not the mouse because it works on another machine as expected. Have I messed up the hardware by any chance? Should I flash a new SD card image onto the SD card and try again?


P.S. Image below shows device rebooted to initial setup phase.

Hi Yousif,

You will need to start again with a fresh image of either Rasbian or NOOBS. The setup phase is critical to the operation of the device and losing power during the process will cause unfixable problems with your OS.

Starting over is easy though, here is a guide:

Hey Stephen,

Thanks for that! Back to normal now!