New Keyboard and mouse not recognised by my Raspberrypi

I have been given an older Pi model 0W
I have downloaded software and created an SD card and inserted it in the Pi. I have bought from you a new keyboard, connected mouse and power supply for the Pi. Plug all ogether and neither the keyboard not mouse are recognised at all. there is no LED showing on he keyboard but the red light under the mouse is glowing. the Pi booted up OK until it wanted to set configuration info such as country, wifi etc but neither the mouse nor the keyboad allowed anything to be input

Looking on he web it seemed that maybe there may be insufficient power oing to the Pi

I then saw a micro USB slot in theback of the keyboard (which came with no instructions) so tried plugging in a second power supply by attaching it to the back of the keyboard. Still no change.

I teted the keyboard and mouse on my home PC by connecting via normal USB into the computer and a micro USB connection into the back of the keyboard and the keyboard and mouse work fine!!

I then attached my logitech dual wireless nouse and keyboard to the pi by attaching the dongle to the keyboard and the Pi then recognised both the logitech keyboard and the logiteh mouse.


What am I doing that is incorrect? How can one foreign (no power draw due to being wireless) keyboard and mouse work on he Pi when the original raspberry Pi keyboard and mouse do not work?

The use of my LogiTch keyboard on the Pi is not a long term solution without buying a second Logitech wirelss keyboard and mouse and returning the one I bought from you.

Please help


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Hey Ian,

Thanks for asking this one, it needs to be addressed.

The only USB port on the Pi Zero/Zero W is a micro-USB port. To use normal USB devices with it you have to have a USB OTG cable (like this one).

Also, to clarify, the keyboard is plugged into the Pi being used using the micro-USB port on the top. Unfortunately, it only comes with a micro-USB to USB cable so it won’t be able to be used with the Zero/Zero W straight out of the box.

The product pages for the USB mice/keyboards have now been updated to reflect this.

OMG this is so sad.
What was the Pi Foundation thinking when they designed this keyboard.
Why did they not include a proper working cable.
Why was the Pi micro USB port designed like a mobile phone port needing an OTG cable.

All rhetorical questions.

As Owen stated the USB OTG cable will fix it but then you need a micro USB to USB cable not a micro USB to micro USB as supplied.

BTW OTG simple means pin 4 (ID) is connected to pin 5 (GND) within the micro USB connector. Why did they not supply a cable with that feature. Opps rhetorical again.

Sorry Ian & Owen, but I find this kind of thing amusing, the lack of design effort and thought that goes into some products. Just had to comment.

James the W is a mini device really designed for small projects and not as a desktop like replacement.
The device is cheap and small for this reason.
I think you will find they put a lot of thought into this and made a device for makers, the Pi 4b is for desktop users (and makers) with full USB support.
For most a Pi W is setup via a headless config and remote SSH session negating the need to connect a physical keyboard. An OTG connection would open up the number of possible ways you can use the device.

One more thing Owen (and thanks for help thus far) it may be worth pointing outvthat the power pack for the Pi4 has a USB-C CONNECTION. If purchasers (like me) opt for that one they need to understand it will not fit earlier Pi’s - they need a USB–C to micro USB conversion device so might want to buy that at the same time from your web site information.

Cheers , and thanks again.

Ian Rohde

wrt to USB-C to micro USB conversion device.

When my wife bought a phone with a USB-C connector I purchased one of these conversion devices to use with a normal charger. The phone would not charge where other phones, with micro USB did perfectly. Investigation showed that the conversion device was designed to carry signals but not the amount of current a USB-C can carry for charging, so the phone did not switch to charging. (my best guess)

The USB-C format is excellent but not all cables are created equal. Especially cheaper ones, best to use what the manufacturer supplies.