Raspberry Pi 3B+ locks up after apt-get upgrade

Hi folks.

Complete raspberry pi virgin here.

Received starter kit today. Plugged Noobs SD in, USB keyboard and USB mouse in centre USB socket stack and connected usb micro power after HDMI. Everything booted up to desktop screen as expected.

Proceeded to play along with the " Raspberry Pi Workshop for Beginners" videos using the terminal for inputs. Got to “1.5 Staying Updated”. Did the update/upgrade downloads using a hardwired ethernet connection. After a long, long time, it finished without any complaints. I then thought I should “reboot”. The unit then locked up. Mouse frozen, keyboard unresponsive. Waited several minutes and then had to pull power.

Ever since I now get a very quick message in top left hand corner saying “[ 1.931599 ] Module length 26136 truncated” and it then produces the desktop screen and freezes. Pulling the micro usb power plug and replacing it and using the “shift” key gets it to a functional desktop but without a enabled speaker icon in top right of icon bar. (surely this is not the recommended power cycling method?) And IDLE 2 seems to have disappeared from the menu, but maybe my memory is faulty.

Did I do something wrong in expecting that a software upgrade would actually work without this disaster. Not very impressed so far I am tempted to say.

What do I do now? Remember I am a virgin with the raspberry pi, but have many many years using and designing AVR products.



Hey Ross,
I suspect some of the file system corrupted when it froze or you pulled the power. The easiest fix would be to reflash the SD Card with Raspbian . Update/Upgrade should not cause problems but sometimes things go wrong.

Thanks Clinton.
This experience certainly does not bode well for this client’s
project with a 300+ likely deliverable. How often does this happen?

Not often at all, and when it does happen it is usually to do with updates or major system changes.My guess is you got a bit of a prefect storm with something trying to write a lot to the SD Card locking up the OS then you pulled the power and the write got corrupted.

I worked with a company that distributed similar quantities of Rpis, we had it happen maybe about 5 times in the hundreds we sent out and most of those were due to people ignoring the battery warnings or doing things they should not have been.

The way we prevented this being a problem was to get the image right on one Pi, Create a backup image, with a program like etcher, then burn it onto as many SD cards as we needed. If something went wrong we would either send them a link to the image or a new SD Card.

OK. I will persist for a while, but this client depends upon me, the
designer, to recommend a reliable component for this system. Thanks for
your help.

In terms of a computer running a full featured OS the Pis are one of the most stable open source systems I have had experience with.