MP3 Trigger robertsonics - SD card holder spring broken

Hi, My SD card holder is broken, the spring will no longer hold the SD card in place and keeps pushing it back out.

Does anyone know how to get rid of the spring so that the card will just sit there?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Chiuh
If the spring is pushing it back out here is nothing wrong with this. The retaining catch is not gripping it. Is the card going in far enough for the retainer? Have a look and make sure there is nothing foreign in the socket preventing the card from going all the way in. If this is so the catch would not work.
Cheers Bob


Hey Chiuh,

Thanks for posting on the forum!

As Bob has said, was the holder obstructed or spring bent?

If not, and this is an issue from wearing out the uSD-card holder (they’re pretty easy to damage if they’re continuously being having uSD removed and put back in, that’s part of why I recommend OctoPrint and 3D printing from a USB or similar instead of using the uSD card port too frequently in other discussions)

If you’ve bought it from Core Electronics and it is a failed holder, please reply to your order confirmation email and we’ll see what we can do here to get it fixed for you. Enjoy your weekends Chiuh and Bob!