Not booting my rpi 3 b

My raspberry pi doesnt get booted…what is the problem u think? card was fine working good but my pi doesnt responding…

Hi @Manoj48774,
When you say the SD card was working, does this mean when you were imaging it on your computer?

How are you powering your Pi? What is the rating of the power supply.
What are the Pi’s lights doing? Are you getting a red PWR light and a flickering ACT light?

I’m getting the red light…the flickering yellow light was not blinking

There are a couple of things worth considering given what you’ve shared


Everything was working good for past 2 months…yesterday I had inserted the SD card too hard…I think the card slot would have been get damaged…
Is there any possibility to repair that slot?

Hi @Manoj48774,

The microSD card slot is pretty tough to break, but it’s doable. Take a close look at the soldered pins, keep your eyes peeled for cracks and issues. You can reflow them if you spot a problem.

I’d try a different uSD card if you have one; and if you have it, another RPi. I wouldn’t write-off your Pi just yet.