Multi-channel video NDI livestream


I’m trying to make a multi-channel video installation with 4x Raspberry pi 4 models.
For the final exhibition, I’ve been able to setup the loop and sync video system by connecting the raspberries with a switch and using MP4Musuem (which is a great tool for video artists).

At the moment, I would like to make changes live during installation tests. In my video editor, I have put the 4 videos into 1 (imagine 4 tiles on 1 screen) for ease of editing. So I would like to stream from my video editor and split the image 4 times so the raspberries will play different parts of the same video. I have setup up a program called Dicaffeine which allows NDI from my computer to the raspberries. I just don’t know how to split/crop the video when the raspberries recieve it. about [Dicaffeine]

Is there something like the Pi wall effect but with NDI live video?

(I have very limited experience, but have an IT friend who can help out).

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Hi Allison,

Welcome to the forum!!

Very interesting project! I noticed that UVC is an option as an output, I’d take a look at using OBS’s(Open Broadcasting Software) UVC output (I’ve fiddled around with it a little but only within my PC).

Depending on your graphics card you might be able to emulate a virtual monitor using a HDMI dummy plug.

I’m not 100% sure what the best route might be here!

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Thanks for the suggestion Liam.

I’ll look into OBS and will continue searching for other programs that can facilitate this setup.