Raspberry Pi SW design/support - paid

Im looking for support to research and test to see if its possible to build a product using a RP with either Android or Linux OS.

It would be used for News gathering to stream live video from the field back to a News room.
I have this setup working on a Mac laptop so just trying to see if it’s possible to miniaturise the setup.

I would like to use Skype and other similar SW for Linux or Android on the Pi with a ‘HDSDI to USB grabber’ https://www.magewell.com/products/usb-capture-sdi-gen-2 (which works the same as a USB Webcam). I also have this already working on a Samsung Galaxy 8+.
I would also use a API https://speedify.com/bonding-sdk/ to use multiple USB 4/5G dongles for the internet connection. This API bonds the 4G connections and sends the same data over multiple 4G connections to make it more reliable.
The Pi would also need to run on an internal battery and external power and a 3.5inch touch screen would also be needed.
If this is something you can assist in please let me know.
Many thanks

Hey Scott,

Putting my dragons den hat on for a moment: How would it differ from existing products on the market that stream live HD video?

Broadcast grade equipment has a price premium because of the rigmarole involved, so while something cheaper could be made, it might be worth considering the inventive aspects of the project (besides price innovation) before committing time and money into it.

Hi Graham, You’re right, there are products on the market that do this. The problem is they are very expensive at around $15000 each. To give you an idea, the Network I work with has 12 camera crews on the road each day but they only have 6 units as they can’t afford to have anymore. The other crews use SW on a laptop which is not ideal for a number of reasons but its free to do.
Im trying to do what the laptop does so it can be put on the side of the camera and used while filming.
I have it working with a Android phone but again there are a few problems doing it that way too. If the Pi processor is fast enough then I think it could be a good option.

Hi Graham,
Would you be able to recommend anyone to help me with this project?
Many thanks

No one comes to mind sorry