Myo Ware muscle sensor interface with Raspberry Pi 3 b+

I am using Raspberry Pi 3 b+ and running Ubuntu 16.04 as the operating system. I have bought a Myo ware muscle sensor and need to connect with the Raspberry to retrieve information for a minimum duration of at least 90 minutes, while a person is sleeping.

Any suggestions/ guidance, to get this working.


Hi Jeban,

You are going to need an ADC to go from the Myoware to the Pi. I would recommend an I2C ADC as they are fairly easy to wire up to the Pi.

Hi Clinton,

Could you please share your thoughts on this:


Hi Jeban

This project would work well as a way to get data from the Myoware, The mbed board has a bunch of ADCs built into so with a setup like this you would not need to get a separate ADC.

The Raspberry Pi is a little different from Microcontrollers like the mbed and does not have any analogue inputs so it needs the ADC or another device to translate the signal into digital.

You would be able to implement the project above on most modern microcontrollers such as the pycom boards or the ESP32 as they have Bluetooth and analogue inputs.

HI Clinton,

Thanks for the insight.

I would like to give an insight into the project, requesting you to give the best possible solution. Currently, I have configured the Neurosky Mindwave headset to connect with Raspberry through Bluetooth and the EEG data is collected.

I also have ihealth pulse oximeter. This device also connects through the Bluetooth. A MAX30105 is also to be connected. Planning to use this (,200000,220687) circuit to get it connected.

Additionally, Myo Ware muscle sensor is also to be connected. Request you to suggest which will be the best possible solution to connect the Myo Ware muscle sensor to Raspberry Pi for this project.