MyoWare Muscle Sensor (POLOLU-2732)

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The MyoWare Muscle Sensor from Advancer Technologies measures, filters, rectifies, and amplifies the electrical activity of a muscle and produces an analog output signal that can easily be read by a microcontroller, enabling novel, muscle-controlled interfaces for your projects.Note: This product requires electrodes; these are not included, but they are available separately in packs of six

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Hi I would like to build a bio feedback system to treat my bruxism (clenching & grinding teeth at night).

Just wondering if that is possible? I want to connect the muscle sensor to the muscles on my face and have an alarm that goes off when I clench is that possible, and would you guys be able to help me get all the parts i need?

Hi Adrian,

Yes that should be possible, though the details may be difficult, There are a lot of muscles in the face so sensor placement may be tricky.

The first step I would recommend is having a look through the documentation for that sensor

hmmm okay.

this is something like what I want to create. I know where the placement is going to be. One on the maceter muscle and one above the temple. Placement shouldn’t be an issue i just need a couple of electrodes that have some length to be placed.

here’s something similar to what i want to create

He appears to be using this exact sensor with the electrodes as they come. You will just need the actual electrodes
Sensor Surface EMG Electrodes

okay that’s excellent, will i need to get another device for the beeper/alarm or can i just buy this product as it is?

You will need something to collect the sensor information and drive the speaker. If you want it to be small and wearable and don’t need it to have Wi-Fi I would recommend the Trinket M0 if you want wifi I would go with something like the ESP32 Beetle . I’d recommend a piezo buzzer as they are low power and surprisingly loud.

Okay great do I just order everything or could you create a list of all the parts to put together. Also Will it need a battery to power it ? Because I want to order it as one package put it together and have everything work. Is that possible?

I’m not interested in connecting it to wifi. Also for the trinket MO would I have to program that or does it come ready to go? Because I don’t have a tech background.

Okay change of plan! Have a look at the Micro:bit Go kit it is my favourite board for people like yourself who are starting out. It will still work with the Myo sensor and the Buzzer and it has a battery pack with it. You will need to program it though we have some great tutorials on how to use it and I wrote a workshop on programming it with MicroPython.

And also I want to mention that I’m not interested in measuring muscle activity. All I want is a when the muscle is engaged, the beeper goes off. I’m not interested in strength ect. Does this affect whether I need to program it… and why do I need to program, and can it be avoided ?

Hi Adrian,

This device must interface with a programmable device, it will only produce a very weak analog signal on its own. You will need a programmed microcontroller to interpret that and output a signal to a buzzer.

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thanks Stephen. Starting to understand now. Well i’ve ordered the entire kit

I will keep everyone tuned.


okay things have progressed.Thanks for the kit. I have got a full kit of all the parts and my micro controller is the arduino mini. Now all i have to do is program it.

Does anyone know the code that i need? I’m after a code will ensure once muscle tension is detected my peizo buzzer will go off. Any pointers here?

Hi Adrian,

You should start with a simple Analog read sketch:

Another great reference is chapter 2 in our Arduino Beginners Tutorial:

Thanks so much. What I’m trying to do is super simple, shouldn’t be too hard if I put the time into the tutorials ect?

Hi Adrian,

Very simple! Learn how to read an analog signal (the muscle sensor) and learn how to use a digital output (the buzzer).

Then it’s just simple logic:

if muscleReading > someValue then BuzzerOn
(^not proper code)

I’d like to purchase this. Do you have a full kit for connecting the sensor to a visual display to represent the current? Or can you point me in the right direction? Thanks